Residential Deck Construction


  • Piers-42” depth minimum, 10” diameter minimum (frost protection)
  • Posts must be attached to the piers in such a manner to stop lateral movement
  • Joist hangers must be fastened with approved fasteners
  • Decks must be flashed to the building in an approved manner
  • Decks must be attached to buildings with appropriate lag bolts or nuts and bolts @ 24” intervals. (nails alone are unacceptable)
  • Guard rail height is a minimum of 36” tall
  • Do not put aluminum flashing in direct contact with pressure treated lumber
  • Balusters must be spaced to block a 4” ball ( 3.5 inches is a safe dimension)
  • Handrails must be “graspable”, 1.25” to 1.5” in diameter.
  • All ends must be returned or done in such a fashion they are not “hooking” hazards. 
  • Height range, 34” to 38” off of sloped nosing plane.
  • Handrails must used when there are four or more risers
  • Guards must be used when the height is 30” or more of surface below.
  • Standard stair geometry: Max riser=8.25”, minimum tread width=9.00” not including 1.00” nosing and open risers not allowed ( must block 4” ball)
  • A deck which is not attached mechanically to a dwelling unit is considered “floating” and does not need frost protection under 400 sq. feet in plan view. 
  • Both sides of stairs shall be guarded when the vertical rise is more than 30”, this guard will be capable of blocking a 4” ball
  • All exposed fasteners shall be weather resistant