Get your Reflective Address Markers
If we can’t find you, we can’t help you!

 Reflective Address Marker Order Form

The reflective address markers are part of a community initiative to help our first responders locate your home during an emergency. The signs are made of a highly visible, reflective, fade resistant material that is visible to first responders day or night.

The reflective signs are available to purchase for $15.00 and can be picked up in the Building Department, at the Town Hall, with the completion of the order form.

Please call (860) 349-8253 with any questions or if you need help with installation. 
Proceeds will benefit DART (Durham Animal Response Team Dept. of Emergency Management) and DVFD Explorers. 
On the behalf of the Durham Fire Department, the Durham Volunteer Ambulance Corp and the Department Emergency Management thank you for supporting our Fire Explorers and DART team and this community service program.