Employers' Checklist for Employment of Minors

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Statement of Age/Working Papers

(obtained by minors from most local public high schools with the employer's written promise of employment and the minor's proof of age)     
Obtaining Working Papers for Minors
Required Information in a Promise of Employment Letter

Time & Hour Restrictions

  • Is it a Permitted Occupation for minor's age?
  • Is it a Permitted Industry for minor's age?
  • Do you provide at least a 30-minute meal period if the minor works seven and one-half (7 1/2) hours or more?
  • Do you pay wages at least equal to the state and federal minimum wage rates?
  • Do you maintain payroll records (3 years) and personnel files (1 year following separation)?
  • Do you provide employees with a "hiring agreement" stating the employees' hours of employment, rate of pay, wage payment schedule and vacation, sick, and health & welfare benefit information?

Additional Information: