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December 6, 2023



The Presidential Preference Primary is scheduled for Tuesday, April 2, 2024. 

Connecticut voters who have been registered with a political party prior to January 3, 2024 (90 days prior to the primary) may vote in their party’s primary.  In Connecticut, unaffiliated voters are not permitted to vote in a primary election.

It has come to the attention of Registrars of Voters throughout Connecticut that residents who completed a form at the Department of Motor Vehicles for a change of name, change of address, or for any other reason, may find that their voter registration status was inadvertently changed from a member of a political party to “unaffiliated” due to a glitch in the DMV’s system. The Secretary of the State is aware of this issue and is working with DMV officials to address it.

To protect your right to vote in the April primary, voters are strongly encouraged to confirm their party affiliation status before January 3, 2024.  By law, only Connecticut voters registered with a political party may vote in a primary election AND voters must have been a registered member of that party for at least ninety (90) days prior to the date of the primary

There are several ways to confirm your party affiliation status.  Durham Registrars of Voters can be reached by phone at 860-343-6719.  Office hours are limited, so you may have to leave a voice message. Your call will be returned as quickly as possible.  Registrars can be reached by email at or at .  Both Registrars can confirm party affiliation for voters of all political parties as well as for unaffiliated voters.

The quickest and easiest way to check your party affiliation status is to go to the website of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut at  After entering your name, date of birth, and the town where you live, you will immediately be provided with your voter registration information including your party affiliation.

After you confirm your current party affiliation status and determine that it is correct, no further action is needed.  If your current party affiliation status is incorrect, or if it is correct but you wish to change it, a new Voter Registration Form must be completed, signed, and submitted prior to January 3, 2024.  Voter Registration Forms may be picked up from outside the Registrar of Voters office at Durham Town Hall or from the Town Clerk.  You can request that a form be mailed to you by calling or emailing the Registrars of Voters office.  Once completed, the Form should be mailed or delivered to the Registrar’s Office or the Town Clerk.

The voter’s signature is required to make a change in party affiliation, so be sure to sign the Voter Registration Form before submitting it to protect your right to vote in the April 2024 Presidential Preference Primary election.