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COVID-19 Property Tax Relief Program

On April 16, 2020, the Board of Selectmen voted to adopt two programs for property tax relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both programs are authorized by Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7-S issued April 1, 2020.
(1) a temporary deferment of tax collections. In effect, an extended grace period for those eligible. (the “Tax Deferment Program”); and
(2) a significantly reduced interest rate on delinquent payments of taxes due and payable (the “Interest Rate Reduction Program”).

You must APPLY to be eligible for the Deferment Program.

The Deferment Program requires a showing of COVID-19 financial impact and the taxpayer must file an application with the Tax Collector no later than July 1, 2020 in order to qualify. The Interest Rate Reduction Program does not require an application to be filed by the taxpayer.

The Tax Deferment Application is now available by following the link:  Application for Municipal/Quasi-Municipal Tax Relief Deferral Program

The application form and supporting documentation must be received no later than July 1, 2020 by the Tax Collector, Town of Durham P.O. Box 428, Durham, CT 06422-0428. Emailed application forms and supporting documentation will be accepted at mfrench@townofdurhamct.org

State Office of Policy and Management guidance on “eligible taxpayers”, defined as follows:

  • Resident: suffered a reduction in income of at least 20% due to COVID-19. Since March 10, 2020, have been either (1) furloughed without pay; (2) hours significantly reduced; or (3) unemployed.
  •  Business/Non-Profit Organization: revenue expected to decrease at least 30% from March to June 2020 versus March to June 2019 at the property. Proof of Ownership must be attached such as a business license, utility bills, Secretary of State listing, or other proof of ownership.

Tax escrow payments are not eligible to be deferred. Landlords must meet additional requirements to be eligible per Executive Order 7-S.

Martin French, CCMC Tax Collector - Town of Durham, CT