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Government Operations During COVID

Town Hall:

Town Hall is now open to the public. Masks are strongly encouraged. We ask the public to interface with the town hall by phone, email and utilizing online service tools that can be found on our websites.

Health officials recommend staying home and staying safe. Use social distancing as a course of action to combat the spread of the COVID-19; social distancing is widely seen as the most effective means of slowing the spread and reducing the impact of COVID-19 among our residents, employees, and visitors.   

Any changes to Town Hall operations will be posted to our website, Resident Facebook page or sent as a Govcast or through the SaferDurham Notification System.


Visit the library website at durhamlibrary.org for current hours and services.

Board and Commission Meetings:

During the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic and the need for continuity of Municipal Government to function, Board and Commission meetings will resume according to the needs of each commission. Meetings will be held via video and audio conferencing through the Zoom platform. Some meetings will be audio only. Please refer to meeting agendas at  https://www.townofdurhamct.org/agenda-minutes . The log on information will be in the agenda. The scheduled meetings can also be found on our calendar, located on our website’s homepage.

All meeting attendees will abide by the following best practice guidelines during all Board and Commission meetings held by Zoom video and audio conferencing.

  • Meeting attendees will adhere to standard, professional meeting decorum when interacting online or by conference phone (audio only).
  • Attendees will use language respectful of all participants.
  • Attendees will note that all video and audio meetings will be recorded and available per Freedom of Information Act and Governors Executive Order.
  • When joining a meeting all microphones will be on mute. Mute will be unmuted during public comment only.
  • Attendees will create a distraction free environment.
  • Attendees taking part in the meeting during public comment will identify themselves and state their name before speaking, then the Chair/Host will recognize the speaker.

The Town of Durham understands this is a new and non-traditional way of holding meetings and communicating with our residents. The meetings will still follow Robert’s Rules of Order, FOI requirements and Executive Orders of the Governor of Connecticut (due to COVID-19 pandemic).

We are doing our best to make sure the public can attend the meetings. Please keep in mind this is new to us as well. We will work to adjust as we navigate this new meeting environment. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this unprecedented global pandemic circumstance.