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Senior Cafe

Durham Activity Center 350 Main Street handicap accessible

Melissa Young
Cafe Manager

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For the bus schedule and Senior Happenings newsletter visit the Social Services page

What is the Senior Cafe:
Elderly Nutrition Program, Lunch Meals for Seniors

The Town of Durham is pleased to announce the beginning of the Elderly Nutrition Program (aka Senior Café) for hot, lunch time meals at the Durham Activity Center. The Elderly Nutrition Program‘s intent is to provide nutritional meals, at a low cost to persons aged 60 and over, and their spouses regardless of age.  The total cost/value of a meal will be posted at the café site.  To cover the cost of a meal, a voluntary donation of $2.50 is suggested for eligible participants, however no one will be denied a meal if unable to pay.  Non-eligible participants, those under the age of 60, must pay the full meal cost of $6.50.
The Senior Café will  have a reservation system that enables seniors to make a meal reservation  on any given day.  Meals at the Durham Activity Center will be served at 12 noon on Mondays and Wednesdays. Each meal will have hot food available for one-half hour after serving begins to enable individuals with reservations to eat a hot meal.   All reservations must be made prior to 1:00 P.M. the day before the meal is to be eaten.  A reservation sheet for the next meal will be available at the Senior Café.   Clients must sign up on the sheet for the day(s) they would like to have a meal(s) reserved for them.  Reservations can also be made by calling Jaclyn Lehet, Senior Café Manager at 860-349-3153 by 12:30 on Fridays and Tuesdays.

Those that participate in the lunch program are encouraged to join other activities at the Durham Activity Center.  BINGO is played at the Durham Activity Center every Wednesday at 1 p.m.  The Activity Center offers a pool table to those choosing to play or challenge their friend(s) to a game, a large television,  Wii games, card playing, and puzzle making or just gather together your friends and come to socialize with Durham neighbors.