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Election Information

Election Contact Information:  Town Clerk and Registrars of Voters


Warning of [RSD13] Annual Meeting and Referendum Vote

Absentee Ballots are available at the Town Clerk's Office.  Must apply in person or by designee.  Application for Absentee Ballot For Referendum with Less Than 3 Weeks Notice.

Absentee Ballots must be received by 8:00pm May 2, 2023.


Redistricting Map
Redistricting Street List Revised 11-16-2022
Districts have recently been changed, please check the map and the street list to confirm your district

Location of Polls:
Polling Location has been changed to Community Center (formerly Korn School) 144 Pickett Lane, Durham, CT (3-14-2023)
Polling Location Flyer
Hours of Voting: 
6:00am - 8:00pm


  •  Applications may be mailed, placed in the Drop Box, delivered in person. State and Federal only: you may apply online - see below. 
  • Completed ballots may be placed in Drop Box, mailed to Town Clerk,  or delivered in person to Town Clerk.


Online Application Portal for Absentee Ballot (state, federal only)

ED3 Application for Absentee Ballot Rev 7-2022 (mailing or in-person)

ED3R Application for Absentee Ballot For Referendum With Less Than 3 Weeks Notice Rev 2-2022


8:00pm  Election/Primary/Referendum Night

2022 Certification of Durham Democratic Town Committee Members 
2022 Certification of Durham Republican Town Committee Members

Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Information

SOTS Online Voter Registration
SOTS Voter Registration Lookup Tool
SOTS Absentee Ballot Information Webpage 
ED-3 Application for Absentee Ballot Rev 5-2022 
ED3R Application for Absentee Ballot Referendum With Less Than 3 Weeks Notice Rev 2-2022

Absentee Ballot fact sheet 
FVAP - Federal Voting Assistance Program for Service Members, their families and overseas citizens
Registrar of Voters
Voter Registration Card 

Returning Absentee Ballot:  

If you have received your Absentee Ballot and it is your FIRST TIME EVER VOTING, include a photocopy of your ID, and enclose it in the serial numbered envelope. DO NOT put it in the inner envelope with the ballot.   If you have voted, in person, in the past you do NOT need to include the photocopy.

Return your absentee ballot, in person to Town Clerk's office, drop box or mail:
Drop Box: south side of Town Hall Building
Mail to: P. O. Box 428, Durham, CT 06422

District Information

Find Your Representative, Senator and Congressman by Town
Durham Redistricting Map rev. 3-2-2022
2021 CGA Redistricting Project Information 
2021 CGA Redistricting Maps:   House 86/101  Senate 12/34   Congress 3

Secretary of the State

Secretary of the States Office
Election calendar 
Statewide Election History

State of CT voter information 
Military Voter links

Additional Information

1) UOCAVA (Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act) voters may request voter registration applications and absentee ballot applications by mail or electronically.
2) Voter registration applications or absentee ballot applications may be mailed or sent electronically. If the voter does not indicate a preference, the application will be delivered by mail.
3) You may access Office of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut's website where you will find an electronic version of Connecticut’s Application for Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Application. Alternatively, you may wish to access the Federal Voting Assistance Program's website where you can fill out a Federal Post Card Application which can serve as both an Application for Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Application.

Election Results

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