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eRecordings accepted in Durham, CT

The Town of Durham was one of the first towns in Connecticut to implement eRecording in 2013.   Durham works with the following delivery agents:

CSC provides a web-based eRecording solution that enables submitters to electronically record real estate documents.
Phone:  (866) 652-0111
Email:  erecording@cscglobal.com
Website:  https://www.erecording.com/

Phone:  1-888-325-3365
With the spread of electronic recording, many in the document recording industry are hampered by small size, specific partnerships and homegrown software solutions, all of which limit their eRecording options.  Submitters want to be able to communicate with any county in their region, and jurisdictions want to be able to receive documents from all legitimate submitters.  We make this possible.  We are certified as an ALTA Best Practices Elite Provider and can help title agents meet those requirements.

Indecomm’s document management solutions include lien release, assignment preparation and mortgage recordings. We record in all 3,600 jurisdictions and eRecord in more than 400. We are one of the industry’s largest independent mortgage recording providers.
Call: 877-272-5250

Save time and money by recording all documents online with the nation's largest e-recording network.
Call for a free demo:  800-460-5657