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Recording Fees:

LAND RECORDS (Sec.7-34a):

Recording documents: $60.00 first page, $5.00 each subsequent page or portion thereof. (Public Act 13-247)

Recording Nominee (MERS) Assignment/Release (Grantor only) $159 flat fee with no additional page fee

Recording Nominee (MERS) Other Documents - Mortgage, Subordination, etc., (Nominee is Grantee):
$159 plus $5 for each additional page

Surcharges: $2.00 each transfer reportable to State.

$ 5.00 if current mailing address of grantee not given in any deed conveying title to real estate. 
$ 1.00 if names of those executing, witnessing and acknowledging are not typed or printed under signature.

Fees paid for recording documents shall include therein payment for the return of the documents (Section 7-34a(b)).

ASSIGNMENTS:  $2.00 fee for assignments subsequent to the first two. (7-34a(a)).  Multiple assignments are limited to twenty on a single document. (7-29(b)). 

CONVEYANCE TAX (Sec.12-494):

State  residential property & unimproved land:   .0075 x consideration
State residential dwelling over $800,000:           .0075 x $800,000 + .0125 x amount over $800,000
State non-residential except unimproved land:   .0125 x consideration

Local:    all categories                                         .0025 x consideration*

*Gives 18 towns the option of increasing their municipal real estate conveyance tax by an additional quarter point to .005.

FILING FEES- MAPS (Sec.7-34a):

$10.00  Any document
$20.00  Any map
$30.00  Maps of subdivisions of 3 or more parcels


$  1.00  Copies of land records documents (in any format)
$20.00  For use of battery-powered scanner - per occasion 
$  2.00  For certifying documents
             Copies of maps, surveys - Actual cost of reproduction
$  2.00  For certifying maps

TRADE NAME:  $10.00