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Justices of the Peace

The office of Justice of the Peace originated in England and was brought to this country by the early colonists. The office existed in Connecticut in some form from the beginning of the colony.

At one time when this State had a multi-tiered Court system with substantial judicial business being conducted by municipal and city Court judges, the elected Justice of the Peace had substantial authority with respect to the administration of minor Courts in this State. Over the years, the scope of authority of this official has been narrowed so that in 1988 the role of the Justice of the Peace is limited to certain grants of authority enumerated by statute.

Justices of the Peace

1) Have general oath giving powers (CGS 1-24)

2) May take acknowledgments (CGS 1-29)

3) May join persons in marriage (CSG 46b-22)

4) May take depositions (CGS 52-148c)

The number of Justices of the Peace for the Town of Durham is set by town ordinance at eighteen (18). Six Justices of the Peace are nominated by each of the major parties and six Justices are chosen per state statute from among the unaffiliated and minor party members. Justices are selected during the year of the Presidential election and serve a four-year term. 


 Term:     January 3, 2017 to January 4, 2021    
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