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Middlesex Hospital Homecare

Phone: 860 704-5600

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Years ago, Middlesex Hospital Homecare (formerly Middlesex Visiting Nurses) was THE area provider of home care services. Today, there are a number of homecare agencies available to provide health care for patients in their homes, as well as respond to community health needs of our residents.

Middlesex Hospital Homecare offers Well Child Clinics, staffed by Maternal-Child Health nurses, for eligible children of town residents who are determined to be in need. Children can receive complete physical examinations, health instruction, health and developmental screening and all required immunizations. The Women's, Infants, and Children's Program ensures that all eligible clients receive nutritional counseling. The Immunization Program improves children's immunization status and raises public awareness regarding the importance of childhood immunization. The Town of Durham provides a Senior Wellness Assessment Program that offers monthly blood pressure screening, blood glucose monitoring, pulse rates, weights, and opportunity to discuss other health concerns.

Community health home visits are made to patients when referred by physicians, nurses, social services, family members or others interested in the physical, social or emotional well being of individuals.