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Fire Marshal Office

Non Emergency (860) 349-8253
Emergency - 1-800-618-6711 (911)

William Witecki
Fire Marshal

Robert Doyle
Deputy Fire Marshal
O: 860.343.6703

Peter Tyc
Fire Inspector
O: 860.343.6703

Fire Marshal Information:

DVFC Homeowners Insurance Information

Burning Permit

General Information Update : Sky Lanterns
The Office of State Fire Marshal has received numerous requests pertaining to the relationship of Connecticut’s fire safety regulations and the use of sky lanterns.

Call 811 Before you Dig!

Digging without having utilities clearly located is dangerous to those who are digging, the general public, and to the emergency
responders who often respond to incidents.

Damage to underground utilities is a major problem in the United States. Excavation is a leading cause of pipeline incidents that result in death or injury. These incidents can often be prevented.

Incidents caused by unsafe digging practices can compromise community safety, disconnect people from critical services, and cause significant disruption and environmental harm. They also occur more often than you would think. Every three minutes, digging damages a buried utility line, thirty percent of those incidents occur because a free call was not made to 811 to notify the local call-before-you-dig center or visit their website www.phmsa.dot.gov/pipeline.