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Building and Land Use Department

Building Inspector
Dick McManus

Town Planner
Robin Newton

Zoning Enforcement Officer
Jerry Russ

Administrative Coordinator
Jennifer Keogh

Department Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30AM - 4:00 PM
Building Inspector Hours:  Monday-Thursday  7:30AM - 12:30PM
Phone: 860.349.8253 

Online payments for Building, Health and Zoning Departments can be made by following this link: http://www.townofdurhamct.org/Online-Payments, then select Building Health and Zoning.

How to obtain a Permit

What do I need to bring when applying?

Licensed Subtrade Permit Application

Accurate plans of what you plan to build.

A plan view (overhead) and an elevation (cross-section) of structure. It must be accurate and self explanatory. We prefer scale drawings but non-scale and well dimensioned will be accepted. Size of lumber and spans must be identified. Beams & headers must be identified for size and span as well.

A plot plan of the property showing the location of the proposed building, the septic system and well location

For additions that affect the number of bedrooms in a house or change the footprint of the existing house, the health department must review proposal first.

A "model energy code" calculation is required for homes and additions. (Contact the building official for further details)

Braced wall details.

Your contractors name, license number and certificate of worker's comp insurance if applicable.

Effective April 6th, 2009. The building permit fees shall be $20.26 for the first one thousand dollars of construction cost and $12.26 per thousand dollars thereafter.

Inspection, Guidelines and Construction Information 

Residential Roof Tape Requirement

Required inspections for homes and additions

Common residential code problems

Guidelines for residential swimming pools, spas and hot tubs

Residential Deck Construction Information

Swimming Pools

Residential Energy Code

Durham Fair Permit

Durham Fair Event Permit

Roofing, Siding and Windows Permit

Roofing, Siding Windows Permit