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Korn Building Committee


Meeting Schedule: 


Agendas and Minutes

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 Current Board Members:

George M. Eames IV, R, First Selectman
John Szewczyk, R, Selectman
Andrew Taylor, D, Selectman
Joe Pasquale, D, Resident Member
Bev Pedersen, R, Resident Member

 Constitution of Board/Quorum:  

Five members. More appointed as necessary

 Term of Office:

Formation by BOS at their June 27, 2022 Meeting. Term for duration of project or until committee is discharged

Appointing Authority:

Board of Selectmen



 Powers and Duties:

1. Reviewing plans and studies regarding Korn School renovations and space needs
2. Create a Request for Proposal and manage the solicitation of bids for design and construction, while following the Towns Procurement Policy and bidding standards
3. make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen for bid awards
4. recommend to the First Selectman payment of invoices for work satisfactorily completed
5. Participate in any grant applications process
6. Assist the Board of Selectmen in presentations at Town Meetings, Budget Meetings, Public Hearings, etc
7. Make a regular report and account to the Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance
8. Work closely with the Road Foreman/Facilities Manager and other town staff