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Town Green Revitalization Project

10-24-2019 Committee disbanded by Board of Selectmen 10-24-2019.  Work completed.

Agendas and Minutes:

Listing files in 'Town Green Revitalization Project'

Meeting Schedule:

2019 Meeting Dates

Town Green Plan: Town Green Plan
Powers and Duties:

To develop an improvement plan for the Durham Town Green. The committee is charged with creating guidelines to assist the Public Works Department, Tree Warden, Durham Garden Club and others, in the planting, maintenance and removal of trees.

Appointing Authority:

Created by the Board of Selectmen at their meeting of July 8, 2013

Term of Office:

Duration of Charge
Committee Disbanded by Board of Selectmen 10-24-2019.  Work completed.

Current Board Members:

Tim Larkin
Tina Gossner
Bob Thody
Ona McLaughlin
Joanne Nytch
Etzie Heyl