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Public Works Building Oversight Committee

Agendas and Minutes:   

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  • Committee meetings shall be noticed and facilitated by the First Selectman.  All records of the Committee shall be filed with the Town Clerk and open to public inspection in accordance with applicable State Statutes. Frequency of the meetings will be established by the committee.
  • Members shall serve without financial compensation except those staff members serving at meetings during regular business hours.
  • The Committee shall approve building plans per bid document specifications.
  • The Committee shall receive and review reports from the Construction Manager/Construction Contractor and approve any change orders.
  • The Committee shall recommend to the Finance Director payment of invoices for work satisfactorily completed.
  • The Committee shall not have a budget of its own, but may request funds for specific purposes through the Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen process.

Upon completion of the building project, the Committee shall make a complete report and accounting to the Board of Selectmen.

Appointing Authority:    Board of Selectmen
Meeting Dates: 2012 Meeting Schedule 
Term of Office:    Appointed 9-12-2011 for Duration of Charge
Constitution of Board/Quorum:        

Eight members.  Two Advisory Members

Current Board Members:







Laura Francis, First Selectman
Kurt Bober, Public Roks Road Foreman
Brian Curtis, Town Engineer
Geoff Colegrove, Town Planner
Dick McManus, Building Official/Facilities Manager
Bill Milardo, Sanitarian
Henry Robinson, Public Member
Robert Raney, Public Member

John Jenkins, Public Works
Jim Quilty, Public Works