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Administering Board for Property Tax Relief

for Emergency Services Volunteers


Meeting Schedule: 2022 Meeting Dates

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George M. Eames IV, R, First Selectman, (BOS), 2023
Chuck Stengel, R, (BOF), 2023
Antonio Almodovar, Member of the Public, 2023

Jack Trifilo, ex-officio, Emergency Management Director
Rob Chadd, ex-officio, Chief Durham Volunteer Fire Department



Town Ordinance Section 15-6 Section f (Revised 5-9-2022)


(f) The administering board.

(1) The tax relief provided by this section shall be administered by an administering board composed of one member of the Board of Selectmen, one member of the Board of Finance, and one member of the public.  The Chief of the Fire Company and the Emergency Management Director shall serve as ex-officio members of the board. The term "constituent bodies" refers to the Board of Selectmen, Board of Finance, and the Fire Company.

(2) Members of the administering board will be appointed by their respective constituent bodies in December of each odd-numbered year to serve a two-year term which will end on November 30 of the next odd-numbered year. If any member of the administering board dies or resigns during his or her term, the Board of Selectmen, after soliciting the recommendation of constituent body which appointed the member, shall appoint a successor to serve the remainder of that member's term.

(3) The administering board shall have the following powers and duties:

a. To certify to the Tax Collector the eligibility of retired members of the Ambulance Corps and members of Fire Company and EMD for tax abatement under this section. This certification shall be based upon a list of eligible members submitted by the chief of the fire company and the EMD.

b. To determine the eligibility of any member of the fire company and EMD who does not meet eligibility guidelines for the abatement but who submits to the Chief or Director of his or her organization a written request to excuse the absences which prevented him or her from being eligible. All such written requests must be submitted no later than October 7 of the tax year for which eligibility is sought.

c. To promulgate and amend for each organization written guidelines for eligibility for tax relief under this section, including active-duty requirements and grounds for excusing absences which would otherwise prevent a member from satisfying the eligibility requirements. Copies of all such written guidelines and amendments shall be distributed to the Board of Selectmen, the Board of Finance, the Town Clerk and the Chief and Director of each organization. Each member of each organization shall be given a copy of the guidelines and any amendments to them.

d. To establish eligibility guidelines for persons serving in both organizations, provided that the maximum abatement allowable to such persons under this section will not exceed the maximum abatement allowable for members serving in only one organization.

e. To administer any interlocal agreements the Board of Selectmen enter into to provide property tax relief to persons who live in one municipality but volunteer their services to fire company of another municipality.

(4) The Chief or Director of the Fire Company, or EMD shall submit the lists of eligible members described in Subsection (f)(3) a. and the requests for excused absences described in Subsection (f)(3) b. on or before October 15 of any tax year.

(5) The Administering Board will submit to the Tax Collector on or before November 1 of any tax year a list of retired members of the Ambulance Corps and the members of the Fire Company, and EMD eligible for tax relief under this section.