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DMIAAB Task Force

Agendas and Minutes:   

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Current Board Members: Durham Members:
Anthony DeFilio, (R) - Chairman
Chad Spooner (R)
James Hempel, (D)
Bruce Chaplin (D)
Dominic DelVecchio, (R)

Middlefield Members:
Tom Archer - Vice-Chairman
Frank Petrella
Bill Warner
Howard Weisberg
Meeting Dates:  2012 Meeting Dates
Authority:               Created by the Board of Selectmen at a Board of Selectmen meeting held on June 14, 2010 in partnership with the Middlefield Board of Selectmen
Interlocal Agreement:   Final Draft of 2012 Interlocal Agreement 
Powers and
  1. Evaluate the current interlocal agreement for up-to-date utility
  2. Research contemporary models for interlocal, regional municipal agreements according to state statutes
  3. Conduct efficiency review of current operations
  4. Conduct management/operational review and research best practice models or alternate service delivery models
  5. Make recommendations for modifications and reapproval of interlocal agreement
Appointing Authority:    Board of Selectmen
Term of Office:    Ad hoc committee to be disbanded after final report submitted to Boards of Selectmen
Constitution of Board/Quorum:        

9 members, 5 from Town of Durham, 4 from Town of Middlefield, Quorum - 5 members