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Zoning Board of Appeals


Meeting Schedule:  2023 Meeting Dates

ZBA Variance Application: Fillable Application

Decisions and Legal Notices: Legal Notices

Public Hearing Information: 

05-13-2021 PH ZBA

July 9 Public Hearing Documents

September 10 Public Hearing Documents

October 8, 2020 Public Hearing Documents:
Legal Notice
PH Packet


Agendas and Minutes:


Listing files in 'Zoning Board of Appeals'


Current Board Members:

Robert E Francis, R, 12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025
Jon Scagnelli, R, 12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025
Mike Geremia, R, 12-4-2023
Mark Jungels, D, 12-4-2023
William LaFlamme, R, Chairman, 12-4-2023

Gail Foreman, R, 12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025
Shawn Gibbons, R, R, 12-4-2023
Jaclyn E. Zolnik, D, 12-4-2023

Deputy Zoning Enforcement Officer: Joseph Carta 

 Constitution of Board/Quorum:

5 regular members, 3 alternate members

 Term of Office:

Four years

 Appointing Authority:

General Town Election


Town Charter, Section 6-5

 Powers and Duties:

All the powers and duties set forth in the general Statutes relating to zoning boards of appeals and their members in accordance with the town charter.

 Printed Regulations:

Section 8 – 1 to 8 – 13 of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut, and Section 6-5 of the Town Charter.