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Durham Senior Citizens Board


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Agendas and Minutes:

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Current Board Members:

Jim Martinelli, R, 12-31-2023
Diane Coe, R, 12-31-2023
Doug Marden, D, 12-31-2023
Beverly Pedersen, R, 12-31-2024
Deb Frey, R, 12-31-2024
Carol Kleeman, R, 12-31-2024
Elaine Melvin, Chairman, D, 12-31-2025
Simone Howe, D, 12-31-2025
Norm Hicks, D, 12-31-2025

Morgan Perry, Ex-officio member
Sherry Hill, Ex-officio member, U          

Constitution of Board/Quorum:

9 members who are Senior Citizens of Durham. A simple majority constitutes a quorum.

Term of Office:

Three year terms

Appointing Authority:

Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.


Created by ordinance passed at Town Meeting on November 13, 2001.

Powers and

Senior Board Ordinance