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Fire Company Trustees


Meeting Schedule:  2023 Meeting Dates


Firehouse Rental Information:

All town officials and town non- profit organizations wishing to use the hall must contact Fire Trustees for the rental agreement. Please contact Jaclyn Lehet


Agendas and Minutes:


Listing files in 'Fire Company Trustees'


 Current Board Members:

Jason Sokol, U, 12-4-2023, Chairman
Carleton Stoup, R, 12-2-2024
Kristen Kleeman, R, 12-1-2025 Secretary

Al Kostuk
Brian Woodford 
George Forline, Vice-Chairman

 Constitution of Board/Quorum:

Six members; three members of the town, and three trustees elected by the Durham Volunteer Fire Company

 Term of Office:

Three years

 Appointing Authority:

Members are elected at the annual town meeting.
The filling of a vacancy (unless specified in the Charter or State Statute) in any elected town office is governed by Section 2.6 of the Town Charter, which provides for the filling of the vacancy by the Board of Selectmen for the un-expired portion of the term or until the next scheduled election.


Town Charter, Section 6-9.2

 Powers and Duties:

Three town trustees, elected at ATM, shall work with the Board of three trustees elected by the DVFC, Inc. to formulate rules to govern the use of and maintenance of the Fire Department Buildings. 


 In 1962 it was voted that the town trustees be elected at the annual town meeting.