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Public Safety Committee

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At the March 28, 2011 Board of Selectman’s meeting it was voted to disband, with gratitude and appreciation, the Public Safety Committee and to move on to formalizing an executive committee. The executive committee will consist of the Fire Chief, EMS Chief, Emergency Management Director, Resident State Trooper, Fire Marshal, and First Selectman.

At a Board of Selectmen's meeting June 22, 1998, motion to disband the "old" Public Safety Committee and establish a new one was passed.  There had been former Public Safety Committees formed and disbanded beginning in 1986.

Documents:  Analysis of need and options for increasing police protection in Durham
Powers and

Recommend to the Board of Selectmen where and how emergency services should proceed 

Mission Statement: It is the mission of the Public Safety Committee of the Town of Durham to advance the cause of Public Safety and to improve the quality of the town's Emergency Services now and in the future.
Appointing Authority:   

Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen

Term of Office:    At the discretion of sitting Board of Selectmen (See BOS minutes of 9-11-06)
Constitution of Board/Quorum:        

A number greater than 50 % of the members