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Compensation Review Board


Meeting Schedule:  2022 Meeting Dates


Agendas and Minutes: 

Listing files in 'Compensation Review/Personnel Policy Board'


Listing files in 'Compensation Documents'


Current Board Members:

Vacancies filled by election at a Town Meeting per charter

Kristina Talbert-Slagle, D, 12-4-2023, Chairman
Tom Hennick, D, 12-2-2024
Roger Kleeman, D, 12-1-2025
John Batorski, R, 12-7-2026
Antonio Almodovar, R, 12-6-2027 (term begins 12-4-2022)

Constitution of Board/Quorum:

 Five members, one Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary.

 Term of Office:

Five years

Appointing Authority:

One member elected at every Annual Town Meeting shall serve for a term of five (5) years beginning at the date of said election


Town Charter Section 6-18

 Powers and Duties:

The Board will advise and suggest for the benefit of both the Boards of Selectmen and Finance, on a continuing basis, proper pay rates for the various job classification, timing and amount of merit or other pay increases and fringe benefits.  The Board will also have the responsibility for the study of the various elective offices to determine current fair salaries and fringe benefits based on the time, effort and responsibility required to fulfill the requirements of the office.  The Board shall update its recommendations at least once a year so that its suggestions are available sixty (60) days prior to preparation of the annual budget requests.    



The revised Durham Town   Charter, effective November 1977, provided for the establishment of the Personnel Policy Board, consisting of five members, to act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance.  At a special town meeting, on December 12, 1977, five members were elected to the Personnel Policy Board.  The Board held their first meeting on the 24th of January 1978.  The members elected at this time were appointed to serve terms of differing quantities; one member 5 years, one 4 years, one 3 years, one 2 year, and one 1 year in order to allow for one new member to be elected at every Annual Town Meeting.