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Board of Selectmen


Meeting Schedule:  2023 Meeting Dates


Board/Meeting Documents:


Agendas and Minutes:


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Current Board Members:

George M. Eames IV, R, First Selectman,12/4/2023
Chad Spooner, R, Selectman 12/4/2023
Andrew Taylor, D, Selectman, 12/4/2023

Constitution of Board/Quorum

Three members, one First Selectman, and two additional selectmen. Two members constitute a quorum.

 Term of Office:

Four years

Appointing Authority:

General Town Election

 Powers and Duties:

Responsible for supervising the affairs of the town and responsible for guiding town officers and town bodies toward accomplishing the objectives of the town's long-range comprehensive plans. Responsible for presenting to the Board of Finance the amount, purpose and proposed method of financing projected capital expenditures, holding joint meetings at least two times a year with one or more members of all boards, commissions and agencies to coordinate the planning and action of such, reviewing the current and projected administrative and fiscal needs of the town and developing and maintaining a long-range comprehensive financial plan. Responsible for making appointments to  applicable town offices.  May propose to a town meeting duly called, ordinances consistent with the General Statutes and the Charter. Additional powers and duties of Selectmen listed in Section 4-6 of the Town Charter.

Printed Regulations:

 Section 7-10 to 7-15 of the Town Charter and additional appropriate statutes of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut.


 Durham was governed by the New England town meeting form of government. An elected Board of Selectmen composed of three members managed its everyday affairs. The selectmen had charge of caring for the poor, the sick and the needy. They also had control of the management and maintenance of the highway. The term of office was changed to four years with the Charter Revision of 2006


The Flood and Erosion Control Authority, The Traffic Commission, and the Water Pollution Control Authority, who are the Board of Selectmen, will meet in special session, as needed.


Special Town Meetings  

Special Town Meetings may be called by the Board of Selectmen whenever there are legally proper subjects for actions as determined by Town Counsel at the request of the Selectmen; or on a petition of not less than one hundred (100) electors, qualified to vote at town meetings, such meetings to be held within twenty-one (21) days after such petition is received by the Selectmen.

Calls to the meetings and the minutes of the Annual Budget Meeting, Annual Town Meeting, and Special Town Meetings are available from the Town Clerk's office.