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Durham Animal Response Team (DART)


Susan White
Team Director
c/o Emergency Management Dept.
PO Box 428
30 Town House Road
Durham, CT 06422

D.A.R.T Meeting Dates: 2020 Meeting Dates 

D.A.R.T Team
Mark Albin, DVM, Jeff Blaschke, Brenda Eddy, Dominic Gambardella, Harry Hall, Jess Hall, Sharon Hall, Tiffany Hesser, Mary Ann Holder, Lisa Kelly, Dick Porter, June Porter,  Maureen Sander,  Brenda Shapiro, Sue White, Bruce Wilder, Ed Wright, Erin Wright.

Jess Cheney
Nancy Stevens

Additional Resources

  • DART Brochure 
  • Reflective address sign order form
  • Preparing for Pet Emergencies Brochure

    What is an Animal Response Team?

    The Durham Animal Response Team was formed in 2006 under the direction of Dr. Steve Levy, a local veterinarian and at the time Durham's Emergency Management director.

    The goal of the group is to provide support in the event of an evacuation or natural disaster. They will open and maintain a shelter in conjunction with a Red Cross shelter for their owners. In the event of a natural disaster the group will be able to mobilize to assist animals. They will also be available to assist Durham's other emergency personnel with any animal related accidents or emergencies. DARTs’ plans also include providing education to animal owners to help keep their pets safe.

    The groundwork has been created. Now we need people, people who love animals and who would enjoy helping them and their owners. If you have pets of your own or just enjoy animals and would like to make sure Durham is prepared to provide the best assistance possible for our animal friends, please contact us. 

    Building the DART Network

    The Durham Animal response team is a locally controlled program under the auspices of the Durham Emergency Management Department.
    The program is designed to address three main areas:

    1. Networking of animal and agricultural stakeholders for emergency planning and preparedness efforts.

    2. Coordinating local resources with incident command during disasters.

    3. Providing a pathway for public involvement.

    Preparing "Go-Kits" for your pets:

    · Food/Water containers & supply.
    · Bag with bedding, toys and dishes.
    · Medication or written prescriptions.
    · Picture of your pet with your contact information.
    · Copy of medical history.
    · Identification for your pet.

    Volunteer Opportunities:

    · Animal care and control personnel
    · Veterinary professionals
    · Livestock professionals
    · Website and database designers
    · Fund raising volunteers
    · Media and communications professionals
    · Legal and accounting professional
    · Reliable people from every background!

    In addition to a critical need for funding, DART is in need of the following:
    · Cargo trailers –12-16’ enclosed
    · Cages, kennels, and pet carriers
    · GPS units
    · 2-way radios
    · Portable fencing and portable lighting
    · Horse blankets, water buckets, feed pans, halters, lead ropes, etc…
    · Volunteers with animal transport vehicles