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Durham Cemetery Company

P.O. Box 56, Durham, CT 06422

Craig Czaja: 860-754-8287

Jonathan Field, President
Phone: 860-936-4611
Email: jonathan.field.esq@gmail.com

The Durham Cemetery Company is a corporation, duly recorded, considered specially chartered; it exists under the laws of the State of Connecticut.

Powers and Duties:

To care for the burying grounds in said Town of Durham and the grounds, lots, monuments, vaults, etc. situated therein or connected therewith; to receive and expend funds given for that purpose; to receive and invest property and funds given or left by will, or otherwise acquired, and apply them or the income thereof for such purposes, and in accordance with the directions of the donors when such directions are given; to do any other business which may be intended to or grow out of, or
be conveniently connected with the purposes aforesaid; and for said purposes to acquire, hold
manage, sell and convey real property.

Printed Regulations:
Durham Cemetery Company Regulations
Grave Opening Authorization
Title Transfer Affidavit

Appointing Authority:
Elected by members. Vacancies filled by remaining members of the corporation by election at a meeting called for that purpose.

Term of Office:

Three years

Constitution of Board/Quorum:
The Board of Directors consists of 11 Directors. Officers consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.
Seven members of the Board of Directors and/or Officers constitute a quorum.

In 1900, 9 men, 6 of Durham, 2 of New Haven and 1 of New York City associated themselves under the laws of the State of Connecticut.