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Durham's Servicemen and Women

Durham's citizens have always answered the call of duty and several have died during their years of service. The Durham Historical Society has compiled a list of our nation's wars that Durham men and women have served in based on various books that have been published on Durham's history. If anyone has more information regarding wartime service after the Vietnam War, please contact DurhamHistoricalSociety@hotmail.com

American Revolution: More than 42 men served.

War of 1812: 23 men served, although peace was declared before they entered official service.

Mexican War: 2 men served.

Civil War: 107 men served. 5 citizens furnished substitutes. 12 men were killed during their service.

WWI: 20 men served.

WWII: More than 75 men and women served. The only Durham resident killed was Francis C. Strickland.

Korea: 7 men served.

Vietnam: 90 residents served. The only Durham resident killed was Marc Meeker.