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Water Commission


Meeting Schedule: 2021 Meeting Dates

Water Reports: See Health Department page Water Reports


Agendas and Minutes:

Listing files in 'Water Commission'

Current Board Members:


Public Members:
Raymond Bahr, R, 2021, Chairman
Ian Forbes, D, 2022
John Hogarth, D, 2023, Trinity Corp Member

Gary Sheldon, R, 2023, Public Member

Ex-Officio Members:
Chris Hansen, Health Director, Vice Chair, 2021
Laura L. Francis, R, 2023

Ex-Officio designated Alternate Members:
William Milardo, Sanitarian, Secretary
George M. Eames IV, U, 2023

Constitution of Board/Quorum:


Five  (5) members and three  (3) alternates.   Two exofficio members and their alternates shall enjoy voting rights. One ex-officio member shall be the town's director of health.  The board of selectmen shall designate as alternate to the director of health either (1) the town sanitarian or (2) an elector of the town chosen for his or her knowledge, training and experience in the field of public health or in the creation of water supply systems. The board of selectmen shall choose the second ex-officio member from among the membership of the board of selectmen, and shall choose that ex-officio member's alternate from the board of selectmen as well. Public Members The board of selectmen shall appoint the remaining three members and an alternate from among the electors of the town.  At least one but no more than two of the three regular members and their alternates shall reside in a house or be employed in a business which receives water from the town's water supply system.

A quorum of the water commission shall require the attendance of at least four commission members or their designated alternates

Term of Office:

Three years

Appointing Authority:

Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.


Ordinance, adopted at Special Town Meeting on December 4, 2002.  Town of Durham Code of Ordinances, Section 16-61 through 16-55.

Powers and

To provide for the creation of a water commission to operate and maintain the private waterworks systems whose acquisition from the Eastern Connecticut Regional Water Company the town approved by referendum vote on June 11, 2002, and to exercise the powers and responsibilities stated in the ordinance.

Printed Regulations:

Section 16-61 through 16-55 of the Town of Durham Code of Ordinances.  Adopted December 4, 2002.
Rules and Regulations