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Planning and Zoning Commission


Contact: Robin Newton, Consulting Town Planner

Joseph Carta, Deputy Zoning Enforcement Officer

Zoning Department
jperry@townofdurhamct.org or

Nathan Jacobsen and Associates, Town Engineer


Meeting Schedule:    2022 Meeting Dates      2023 Meeting Dates



Affordable Housing Plan Public Information Presentation 1/24/2022

Durham Affordable Housing Plan Final

Durham Zoning Enforcement Procedure Adopted

 Zoning Enforcement Officer Reports


The Town of Durham through its consultants, Tyche Planning and Policy Group, will present the final draft of the Affordable Housing Plan as required by C.G.S. 8-30j.  This presentation will take place on January 24, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. as part of the Board of Selectmen regular meeting. The public is encouraged to attend. 

Agendas and Minutes:

Listing files in 'Planning and Zoning'


Public Hearings



Commission Reports:

Town of Durham Planning and Zoning Review
Occupation, Special Permit


Commission Applications

Site Plan/Special Permit/Zone Change/Text Amendment Application


Decisions & Legal Notices:

Legal Notices

Current Board Members:

Will Spooner, R, 12-4-2023
Richard Eriksen, R, 12-4-2023       
Frank DeFelice, R, 12-4-2023, Chairman
Michael Fumiatti, R, 12-4-2023 
Christopher Balay, D,12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025
Josh Eddinger, D, 12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025   
Janet Morganti, D, 12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025
Philip S. Augur, R, 12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025
Michael R Dahlheimer, R, 12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025

P & Z Alternates:
John DeNunzio, D, 12-6-2021 to 12-1-2025
Jim Piotrowski, R, 12-4-2023   
John Batorski, R, 12-4-2023

 Constitution of Board/Quorum:

Nine regular members, three alternates

 Term of Office:

Four years

 Appointing Authority:

General Town Election


Town Charter, Section 6-4

 Powers and Duties:

All of the powers and duties, not inconsistent with the Town Charter, in accordance with the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut.

 Printed Regulations:

TOD Road Policy, Design and Specifications
Zoning Regulations (updated April 2023) (Document is large)
Subdivision Regulations 
Plan of Conservation and Development
Regional Plan of Conservation and Development
Visioning Charrette documents