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Durham Public Library Board of Trustees


Meeting Schedule: 2022 Meeting Dates  2023 Meeting Dates


Agendas and Minutes:


Listing files in 'Library Board of Trustees'


Current Board Members:

Jane Eriksen, R, 12-4-2023
Maya Perry Liss, D, 12-4-2023
Luann Hanley, D, 12-4-2023
Anne Mueller, D, 12-2-2024, Treasurer
David Foster, R, 12-2-2024
R. David Turley, R, 12-2-2024
Eric Infeld, Secretary, D, 12-1-2025
Robert Booz, R, 12-1-2025, Chairman
Lynn Johnson, D, 12-1-2025, Vice Chair

Christine Michaud, M.L.S. Librarian

 Constitution of Board/Quorum:

 Nine members. Five members of the Board present in person constitutes a quorum.

 Term of Office:

 Three years

 Appointing Authority:

Annual Town Meeting


Town Charter, Section 6 -17 and additional appropriate statutes of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut.

 Powers and Duties:

The Board shall have the responsibility for  providing library services, library personnel, for setting hours of operation and for maintaining the buildings and grounds. The Board shall have the responsibility of acting as trustees of and administering the endowment funds established for the library. 

 Printed Regulations:

Library Board of Trustees By-Laws
Town Charter, Section 6-17 and additional appropriate statutes of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut and the Durham Library Board bylaws.


 In 1894, 38 years after the dissolution of the Durham Book Company, the present library was established by town vote.  At the biennial town election of the Town of Durham held on the first Monday of October 1937, it was decided that on that date and biennially thereafter, twelve library directors…would be elected and would qualify. (Durham, CT Century of Change)