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Infrastructure Committee

(Disbanded:  2-7-2022)

Meeting Schedule:  2021 Meeting Dates

Agenda and Minutes:

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Current Board Members:

Debra Defelice, R - Chairman, May 1, 2022
Robert Booz, R -  May 1, 2022
Eileen Buckheit, D, May 1, 2022
Paul Griese, U, May 1, 2022
Mark Harvey, D, May 1, 2022
Carol Kleeman, R - Recording Secretary, May 1, 2022
Geoff Kupfer, R, May 1, 2022
Ralph Neclerio Jr., R, May 1, 2022

Constitution of Board/Quorum:

Comprised of 5 Members

Term of Office:


3 years

Appointing Authority:

Members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen. The members of the committee shall elect a chairman.

Powers and

The expansion of public water and natural gas to Durham’s Town Center provides economic and community development opportunities. Durham’s 2016 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) directs that Durham’s elected officials should, “take an active role in encouraging additional infrastructure investment in locations where commercial and industrial development is appropriate and a financial return on taxpayer investment can be demonstrated”.

This committee will review current infrastructure, gather information, explore development and expansion options, and craft recommendations regarding the Town's infrastructure needs to assist the Board of Selectmen and other Boards and Commissions with the prioritization of infrastructure projects and funding.  In addition, the guidance provided by the Infrastructure Committee will be utilized to implement elements contained in our POCD.

Evaluating potential paths for expansion of water and gas services, evaluating opportunities to partner with new and emerging technology, evaluating the feasibility and desirability of additional utilities such as waste water, telecommunication and internet, creating a benefit and impact assessment summary, and developing a schematic plan. The Infrastructure Committee will operate in an advisory capacity to the Board of Selectmen and will work only on matters assigned by the Board of Selectmen.