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Solarize Connecticut/BeFree Solar

Bill Colonis
Green Bank Project Manager
Phone: (860) 258-7828
Email: Bill.Colonis@ctgreenbank.com (with copy to SmallSolar@ctgreenbank.com)


Support for Befree Solarize Customers

BeFree Solar is no longer operating in Connecticut and is not fulfilling workmanship warranties. If you believe your BeFree-installed solar PV system is not working properly, the Connecticut Green Bank (Green Bank) is recommending that you take the below steps based on how you obtained your system.


If You Own Your System

(including systems financed with the Green Bank’s Smart-E Loan)

Contact Bill Colonis at the information above. Bill will help determine the type of issue (e.g., equipment warranty, workmanship, etc.) and work with you to identify the next steps for your situation.

If You Have a Loan Through a Third-Party Lender

The same steps as above should be followed unless your loan agreement provides specific steps for addressing system repairs.

If You Have a Lease Through CT Solar Lease II

Systems financed through the Green Bank’s CT Solar Lease II program carry warranty and insurance coverage for the duration of the lease term. Simply call the program’s customer service provider at (866) 305-4239 between 8 AM - 8 PM ET Monday – Friday to troubleshoot your issues. If you have difficulty getting assistance, contact Bill Colonis at the information above. Please note that if your system issue is determined to be outside of the scope of the warranty or insurance coverage, some labor and/or equipment fees may apply.

Contacting the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP)

After you pursue the steps above, you may want to register a complaint with the DCP. This will create a record of your issue, document your specific problem(s), and allow DCP to provide any further recommendations. To register a complaint with the DCP, please visit the DCP website or call (860) 713-6300 and follow the prompts. Additionally, you may be able to access monies from the DCP’s Home Improvement Guaranty Fund, which was created to support Connecticut homeowners. For additional information about this Fund, contact Bill Colonis at the information above.

The Connecticut Green Bank is here to help you with your concerns. We will work with you through the steps outlined above to provide guidance in addressing your issues and getting the help you need.