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Vital Statistics

For information to obtain vital records from other states click here.



 Certified Copy of Birth (Full Page) Certficiate   $20.00
 Certified Copy of Death Certficiate   $20.00
 Certified Copy of Marriage Certificate   $20.00
 Marriage License        (Application)  $30.00 

 Note:  birth records are closed and only available to the following:

 Those allowed access to birth records 

 Person over 18 (minors not allowed access to their birth records)
 Guardian or grandparent if minor
 Court Order
 Genealogical Societies
 Title Examiners
 Local director of health or his authorized agent
 Chief Executive Officer of municipality or his authorized agent

 Click on the forms below to obtain certified copies of births, deaths and marriages and marriage license application: 
 Request for Certified copy of Birth Certificate
 Request for Certified copy of Marriage License
 Request for Certified copy of Death Certificate
 Marriage Law in Connecticut