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Office of the Town Clerk

Kim Garvis, CMC, CCTC, MCTC               Office Hours:                   
Town Clerk                                                  M-F:  8:30am to 4:30pm  
Email:  kgarvis@townofdurhamct.org         Tu  8:30am to 7:00pm                                               
                                                                    Phone:  860.349.3453
Alicia C. Fonash-Willett                               FAX:    860.343.6733                     
Assistant Town Clerk/IT Coordinator                                                                                             
Email:  afonash-willett@townofdurhamct.org                  



SPECIAL TOWN MEETING April 17, 2017  8:00pm  Town Hall 3rd Floor Mtg Room 
REGIONAL DISTRICT 13 REFERENDUM:   May 2, 2017  Sample Ballot.   Absentee Ballots are now available at the Durham Town Clerk's office.  Must apply in person as this is a Referendum with less than 3 week's notice.
Application ED-3R   
ANNUAL BUDGET MEETING  May 8, 2017     8:00pm CRHS Auditorium 
ANNUAL TOWN MEETING Tentative: Oct 2, 2017 8:00pm CRHS Auditorium    
PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: November 7, 2017 Official Ballot - Not Available
POLL LOCATION:             Korn School, 144 Pickett Lane

Election Information

2012 Redistricting Map 
Redistricting Street Listing
SOTS Online Voter Registration
SOTS Voter Registration Lookup Tool 
FVAP - Federal Voting Assistance Program for Service Members, their families
             and overseas citizens
Absentee Ballot (Regular Referendum, Election, Primary):
Absentee Ballot for Referendum with Less than Three Weeks Notice Emergency Absentee Ballot

Recording Information

Military Discharges - National Archives-Military Information
Military records request Form 180
Trade Name
Transfer Lists
Assessment Data
Link to Online Land Records
Link to Property Check (receive notifications when deeds are recorded relative to your property)

Vital Records:

Vital Records 

Notary Service:

Notary Public Services & Fees


Fish & Game Licenses
Dog Licenses
Peddler Permits

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is the Town Clerk’s office open late?
A. Yes, the Town Clerk’s office is open late on Tuesday nights, until 7:00 p.m. except during the summer months of July and August.

Q. How do I obtain information on a property in Durham?
A. The Town of Durham Website has information under “Assessment Information” about all parcels of land in the town. From this site you can print the “field card” and “assessor maps.” The field card is a summary of information on each property. The Volume and Page of the deed is noted on the field card.   GIS information has also been recently added.

Durham Land records are available online. You can view the index free of charge by going to the town's main webpage, clicking on "Online Services", then "Durham Land Records Online" then "Sign in as Guest" tab under the "Online Services" tab. To look at deeds and maps of properties visit the Town Clerk’s Office.  You may also sign up to receive notices with "PropertyCheck" (also under the Online Services tab) when land record documents are filed with the town clerk's office using your name.

Q. Where do I get a dog license and do I need one every year?
A. You obtain the dog license from the Town Clerk’s office. You must bring in paperwork from the vet showing, 1) rabies expiration date, and, 2) spaying or neutering. You may also obtain a dog license by mail as long as you provide the same information as above, payment, and self-addressed stamped envelope. Connecticut State Law requires that all dogs be licensed every June (current fee for fixed dog is $8.00, current fee for unfixed dog is $19.00). For every month after June there is a $1.00 late fee added per month.

Q. How do I obtain a Marriage License and what is the fee?
A. You must apply for a marriage license from the town clerk in the town you are to be married in. The marriage license costs $30.00. Both bride and groom must come in person and have proof of identity (driver’s license etc.).

Q. Is there a Notary in Town Hall and is there a fee?
A. There is a notary in the Town Clerk’s office and in the Building Department. There is no fee for Durham residents and a $5.00 fee for non-residents.

Q. What is the Post Office phone number in Durham?
A. (860) 349-3350

Q. When is the Durham Fair?
A. The Durham Fair is always the last FULL weekend in September.