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Storm Information

Town of Durham Officials are monitoring the winter storm closely and have activated the Stormline at 860.343.6735.
Please use this number to report any storm related issues.

For emergencies, dial 911.

Visit the Town’s website, Facebook page  and Emergency Management Facebook page for updates.

Be safe and heed all warnings. Look out for your neighbors, especially those who are elderly or have special needs.

Storm Update: 

We have experienced extensive damage from the March 7th Winter Storm. RSD13 Schools, Town Hall, Library and Activity Center are closed. Approximately 500 customers are without power. The following roads are closed because of power lines, communication lines or trees across the road: Bear Rock Road near Sycamore, Birch Mill Road near Time Out Tavern, Dunn Hill Road, Haddam Quarter Road near Yankee Way, Indian Lane, Meeting House Hill Road near the center, and South End Avenue. All other roads are passable, but please note, there may be only one lane open. If possible, please delay any travel on town roads to give Eversource and Town crews a chance to do their work. We have received reports of similar damage across the state. There will be another update at noon.

The Transfer Station is going to try for a noon opening today, however this can change due to snow removal and travel conditions.
Please heed all travel and road closure notifications.
Important Storm related information is below.

Storm Hotline:  Emergency Management can be contacted at 860.343.6735.  
Please use this number to report any storm related issues. If you have an emergency please call 911.

Power Outage: Report directly to Eversource if you are without power: 1.800.286.2000

Transfer Station: (860) 349-8702. 


Animal Control:  (475) 227-1214

Snow Removal Ordinance: Snow Removal Ordinance

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